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Powerful Keyword Research and Selecting Process

June 25, 2020

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Finding a powerful keyword is the first and the Important part of the SEO process Keyword Research is 3 Step Process

  1. Find Keywords
  2. Filter Keywords
  3. Choose Keyword

There are Two Methods of finding good keywords

  1. With the Help of Tools like Ubersuggest, SEM Rush, Ahrefs, Etc
  2. Manually By Using Google Search

In this blog I will show how to research a keyword manually I will make another blog on tools

Firstly let’s understand the keyword levels Most people in SEO (myself included) divide keywords into three main categories: head, body, and the long tail.

Head Terms

In the head terms, Keyword is a single word Keyword which is more Competitive and less in conversations Because If someone search for laptop or smartphone but there are might be looking for a Dell Laptop or MacBook, a list of laptops or smartphone or a definition of the word That’s why Head term keywords are less in conversations

Body Keywords

This is a 2-3 words keyword which less competitive compare to Head terms and more in conversations Because now the user is searching for Laptops of Dell, Smartphone of Apple, Etc The user is searching for the specific thing and if your blog is about that specific then the user will visit your website. These Keywords get 2000+ Searches per month.

Long-Tail Keywords

These terms don’t get a lot of search volume individually (usually around 10-200 searches per month). But when you add them together, long tails make up the majority of searches online. And because they don’t get searches for that much, long-tail terms usually aren’t very competitive. If your site is brand new. Or if you want to focus 100% on keywords that aren’t competitive. Then you DEFINITELY want to target long-tail keywords.

So let’s start with our 1 Method to find Keywords Type your topic on Google And You will see that Google suggests us the keyword ideas which are useful to us And we don’t need to worry about the traffic on these keywords because Google is literally telling you: “Tons of people search for these keywords.”

Our 2 Method is Searches Related To This Method is also an easy and simple way to find keywords Just search your Topic and scroll the page to the bottom you will see a bunch of keywords and you can find more specific keywords by clicking one this keyword and again scroll down the page.

Voluptas dolores dignissimos dolorum temporibus, autem aliquam ducimus at Our 3 Method is Using Wikipedia Table of Content, For Example, I searched SEO on Wikipedia and showed me some awesome keyword ideas related to SEO We can also click on this Internal Link to get more keywords from Wikipedia

Make a Google Sheet and store all the keywords you have selected and filter them on the basis of the traffic on them by using google trends.

Now let’s filter these keywords a bit More

Type your Keyword in google and see if the result page has snippets and ads or not? And if that page has snippets and ads them you might have to drop that keyword because of Snippets and Ads you won’t be able to get clicks on your website.

And If there is a low CTR then why should I waste my time making a blog on that keyword.

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